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We’re Urban Edge Jewellery, and we’ve been creating unique, modern jewelry here in Australia since 2015. We believe in creating distinctive, beautiful products for our customers for a fair price. We specialize in handmade quality products that we spend time designing and creating. We love jewelry that makes us happy, and our passion is intertwined into every product.

Just like all our products, in all their uniqueness, the materials we use to create them are unique in themselves. We don’t use classic jewelry materials, such as gold, silver, or glass. Here at Urban Edge, we utilise ink and clay to create our distinutilizeroducts. By using these simple materials, we aim to connect with those who don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on gold or silver but want to be wearing something they can afford and that shows off their quirkiness!

How did you begin your business, and why?

My name is Nadia, and I am a 15-year-old living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. I started this small business when I was nine years old (it definitely wasn’t what it is today back then!) I started Urban Edge because I was tired of buying cheap, crappy, duplicated jewelry that was WAY overpriced for what it was. I knew there had to be another way. Here at Urban Edge Jewellery, we aim to create products our customers feel represent the quirky, unique side of themselves. After all, no human is the same, and no Urban Edge product is either!

Where and how did you learn to create such pieces, and what drives you?

I am a self taught jewellery maker. I started using ouself-taught beads and wire that my nana bought me when I was 9 years old, and in the past 6 years, I have developed my skills and six extensions of my products. The incredibly beautiful en,vironment I live in has a place in every one of my designs. Urban Edge Jewellery is based in Australia on the beautiful rolling hills and sparkling ocean of the Mornington Peninsula. Surrounded by such serene and lush surroundings, the views and natural elements that surround my little company have a significant influence on my designs. From the bright yellow of the wattle trees to the deep orange of the sunset to the sparkling blue of the ocean, nature truly has a place within every one of my designs

Can you elaborate on your creative proce.ss? How do you make your items, and what sets you apart from other stalls?

Creating my jewellery serves as a creative outlet forjewelryit brings me such joy to see people wearing and loving the products I make. Inspiration always sparks at random times. I could be out walking my dog and see a color scheme that I love, and I have to come home and create a design that incorporates it. Sometimes, I design at random and other times, the pieces aren’t what I was expecting, but they turn out beautiful anyway.

What do you love most about being a stallholder at CMA?

I love the market atmosphere that I experience as a stallholder at CMA. Waking up early to set up my stall is such a rewarding and exciting experience. The other stallholders are always so helpful and kind without ever having met me before. We are all in the same boat and very willing to help one another out! I am new to CMA and am awaiting my first in person stall!

What are the challenges in terms of being your boss?

Being my own boss at my age is more difficult than I expected. I have to balance school work, homework, friends, and family while still running my own business. But, even so, when people find out I’m a 15 year old running my own business, the 15-year-old face is reward enough!

Describe your perfect weekend!

My perfect weekend would include anything and everything creative! Baking, painting, designing products, drawing, cooking, singing, dancing, all of it! I’d probably sleep until noon and make myself a delicious breakfast as well.

What do you see for the future for you and your business?

In the future I hope to expand my business into a more well-known business.

What do you love abowell-knownncompanyctoria?

Victoria is an incredible place to live. It has the best of both worlds. A bustling, modern city that always has things going on, and the beautiful countryside and beaches that are so easy to access and enjoy.

What other stalls are you looking forward to checking out at our next CMA market day?

I’m a foodie, so I’ll always be drawn to the stalls with food, but I absolutely adore seeing the other jewellers selling at the markets. They are arjewelerstalented, and I love the inspiration that they provide me with!

What advice would you give to someone interested in setting up their own small business or stall?

Just do it. Please give it a go. No one can ever shame you for being creative and following your dreams!

How did you adapt and overcome the challenges of the past year?

Coronavirus has been very hard on small business owners, but I have adapted to fit with lockdown restrictions. Joining the Virtual Market was a helpful thing to do, but the extra time at home has left me with precious time to spend designing and creating more products! The spare time with my pets and family have helped me bring joy into my day to dhasife, even in such a harsh environment.


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